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Keynote Speakers | Children's Spirituality Summit

Jared Patrick Boyd, MDIV
“Abbots & Ammas:
Formational Family Life Towards
Common Objects of Love”

Jared Patrick Boyd is a pastor, spiritual director, and founder of the Order of the Common Life, a missional monastic order

for the 21st Century.


He is author of Imaginative Prayer: A Yearlong Guide to Your Child’s Spiritual Formation (IVP 2017). He and his wife have 4 girls and live in the west-side neighborhood of Franklinton in Columbus, OH.
Twitter: @boydjared
Instagram: @jaredpatrickboyd

Borgo headshot BM 2.jpeg
Lacy Finn Borgo, DMIN
“Begin with Listening:
Gifts of Eyes and Ears”

Lacy Finn Borgo teaches and provides spiritual direction for the Renovaré Institute, for the DMin. in Spiritual Direction at Fuller Theological Seminary and at Portland Seminary.


Lacy provides spiritual direction for adults through and provides spiritual direction for children at Haven House.


She is the author of Life with God for Children: A Curriculum for the Spiritual Formation of Children and Good Dirt: A Devotional for the Spiritual Formation of Families

Lacy's newest book, Spiritual Conversations with Children can be purchased below.

Keynote Speakers | InterGenerate

F. Douglas Powe, Jr. PhD
“Intergenerational Ministry in
a Post-Pandemic World"
Powe's intro video

Frederick Douglas Powe, Jr. is Director of the Lewis Center for Church Leadership and the James C. Logan Professor of Evangelism at Wesley Theological Seminary and an ordained elder in the Baltimore/Washington Annual Conference of the

United Methodist Church.

His newest book, The Adept Church: Navigating Between a Rock and a Hard Place, was the number one newly-released

church growth book just a month

after being released. 

Rachel Turner
"It Takes a Church to Raise a Parent:
Family Discipleship in a Post-Pandemic World"
Turner's intro video

Rachel Turner is the Parenting for Faith Pioneer at Bible Reading Fellowship in the United Kingdom. Over the past fifteen years she has worked in a variety of churches as a children’s minister, youth pastor, and family life minister.  Her ministry, Parenting for Faith, works internationally to equip and support parents to help their children meet and know God, and empowers churches to create a culture where parenting for faith can flourish.

Rachel has authored seven books including Parenting Children for a Life of Faith and It Takes a Church to Raise a Parent. She partners with denominations to help them develop their work in this area. 

Both the InterGenerate Conference and the Children's Spirituality Summit bring together lay leaders, pastors, teachers, children's ministers, youth ministers, sociologists, parents, and theologians from a broad spectrum of Christian traditions to collectively explore the best ways to approach spiritual formation with all ages and stages.


This joint conference offers dozens of informative and inspiring workshops and papers presented by participants like you! We're excited to see new faces and hear fresh ideas.

Register HERE!

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