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Joint Conference 2021 | Daily Schedule 

All times below are Central Daylight Time. Schedule is subject to change.

Monday, May 24   Children's Spirituality Summit / InterGenerate

12:00 (CDT) Keynote presentation 

Lacy Finn Borgo, DMIN: “Begin with Listening: Gifts of Eyes and Ears”

1:30 (CDT) Break

2:00 (CDT)  Paper/Workshop Presentations* - click underlined name for paper and workshop descriptions 

*For each presentation session, participants may select one workshop or set of papers; 

recordings of other sessions are available with purchase at registration


MONDAY PAPER PRESENTATIONS:  (all paper presentations grouped as 3) 

HEATHER INGERSOLL, PhD - Exploring Predictors of Children's Relationship with God in the Christian Church.

KARIN MIDDLETON, MAT, MEd - Advocating the Value of Young Children's Spiritual Nurture

SANDRA LUDLOW, MEd / KARYN CAMERON, MEd / BEV CHRISTIAN, MEd - The "Ugly Pumpkin" and Other Lessons for Nurturing Children's Emergent Spirituality in a Garden Setting

GARETH CRISPIN, MA - Ludicity & Theology: Exploring Some Theological Foundations of Intergenerational Ministry

JOHANNAH MYERS, DMIN - Apprenticing Faith Together: Helping Adults Understand Discipleship and  the Role in Intergenerational Community

ROBERT PENDERGRAFT, PhD - Building Ramps Instead of Stairs: Universal Design in Planning Intergenerational Worship


JARED PATRICK BOYD, MDIV - Imaginative Prayer: You Can Be a Guide to your Child's Spiritual Formation

DANA KENNAMER, PhD & SUZETTA NUTT - Kids Today Just Can't . . . !: Reframing Our Posture and Practices as we Welcome Children with Challenging Behavior

MIMI LARSON, PhD - Engaging Children in Worship

SARAH BARNETT, MA - Take, Bless, Break, & Give: A Fourfold Experiential Process for Spiritual Formation and Imaginative Engagement in Children's Ministry

NATALIE FRISK - A Holy Shift: From Morality-Centered to Jesus-Centered Teaching

KEVIN JOHNSON, DMIN - Neighborly Advice: Applying a Mr. Roger's Neighborhood Approach to an Intergenerational Audience


SARAH BENTLEY ALLRED - An Introduction to Intergenerational Worship

JESSICA STOLLINGS-HOLDER - Better Together: How Intergenerational Teams Can Strengthen Your Ministry

LIZ PURRAUD - Rebuilding Community through Intergenerational Retreats

VALERIE GRISSOM, DWS - Facilitating a Church Story Scrapbook in 30 Minutes 

3:15 (CDT) Break

3:30 (CDT) Affinity Group Meetings (Select a ministry group to join for discussion)

4:15 (CDT) Worship & Reflection - Ryan Flanigan & Liturgical Folk 

5:00 (CDT) Close

*access to ALL conference recordings available with $75 individual or $150 team member registration

Tuesday, May 25       Children's Spirituality Summit / InterGenerate


12:00 (CDT) Keynote presentation 

Rachel Turner:"It Takes a Church to Raise a Parent: Family Discipleship in a Post-Pandemic World"


1:30 (CDT) Break


2:00 (CDT)  Paper/Workshop Presentations - Link on NAMES for paper and workshop descriptions 

TUESDAY PAPER PRESENTATIONS:  (all paper presentations grouped as 3)

JP CONWAY, DMIN - An Evaluation of a Congregation's Pursuit of a Non-Anxious Intergenerational Discernment of Change

AMY LINDEMAN ALLEN, PhD - Eutychus: A Case Study of the Role of Youth and Children in Acts Koinonia

ED WILLMINGTON, DMA - Divided Worship: The Little Children Suffer (and the Big People, Too!)

SHANTELLE WEBER, PhD - The Necessity of Intergenerational Dialogue on Social Justice within the South African Church

DANIELA SEIBERT - How Age-Specific Ministry Became Key to Intergenerational Ministry: Findings from a Case Study in Switzerland

DAVE CSINOS, PhD - The Final Frontier? Toward a Theology of Preaching among Intergenerational Faith Communities


LACY FINN BORGO, DMIN - Accompanying Children & Teens Through Loss

DR. ROBERT, PhD & LAURA KEELEY  - The Lord is my Shepherd: Helping Children & Teens Read the Psalms

ROBIN TURNER, DMIN - Cultivating Curiosity: Water with Wonder and Grow Biblical Literacy

KAREN HAMMOND & JULIE EMERY - Do a New Thing!: Explore Ways to Imagine New Paths for Faith Formation

KATHY PITTENGER - Children's Ministry in a Post-COVID World

KAREN DeBOER - Faith Practices: In Community and at Home

WILSON McCOY, DMIN - Becoming an Intergenerational Church: Steps, Struggles, and Strategies

JIM MERHAUT, PCC - Reinventing Church with Intergenerational Connections: A Case Study

LINDA STAATS - Intergenerational Ministry 101: Foundations and Fundamentals

LESLI Van MILLIGAN, MDIV - Creating a Mentoring Culture that is Lifelong and Life Giving

3:15 (CDT) Break


3:30 (CDT)  Keynote presentation

Jared Patrick Boyd, MDIV: “Abbots & Ammas: Formational Family Life towards Common Objects of Love”


5:00 (CDT) Close

*access to ALL conference recordings available with $75 individual or $150 team member registration

Wednesday, May 26   Children's Spirituality Summit / InterGenerate

12:00 (CDT) Keynote presentation

F. Douglas Powe: “Intergenerational Ministry in a Post-Pandemic World"


1:30 (CDT) Break

2:00 (CDT)  Paper/Workshop Presentations - Link on NAMES for paper and workshop descriptions 

WEDNESDAY PAPER PRESENTATIONS:  (all paper presentations grouped as 3)

DANA KENNAMER, PhD - Missing Church? Children's Perceptions of Church Before, In, and Beyond COVID

ESTHER ZIMMERMAN, PhD - The God of the Child: Trauma and Spirituality

STACY WILSON - Theology and Child Abuse: Child Safety and Vulnerability in the Midst of Religious Institutions 

HOLLY ALLEN, PhD - Systematic Review of DMin Theses and PhD Dissertations on Intergenerational Ministry, 2011-2020

STACEY DAVIS, PhD - Childhood Intergenerational Experiences that Contribute to Christian Commitment in Young Adulthood

WILSON McCOY, DMIN - Honoring the Original Image: A Creational Theology for Intergenerational Ministry


ANTHONY PETERSON, MA - Listening to Children on Race: Telling Stories 

CARIE WHITTAKER - Teaching Emotions to Children as a Healthy Spiritual Practice

CATHERINE MARESCA - Mining for God in the Hebrew Scriptures

ELAINE AUSTIN & SALLY SELZER - Worshipping God with Children

CORY SEIBEL, PhD, THM  - Pastoral leadership for Intergenerational Ministry

ELIZABETH TAMEZ MENDEZ, PhD - Honoring Our Treasures: Elder-Youth Interconnectedness - Lessons from Diverse Cultural Perspectives 


BREEN SIPES, MDIV - Build a Team and Let the Spirit Lead: Adventures in Cross+Generational Faith Formation in Small Churches


REGINALD SMITH, PhD - Lessions in Intergenerational Justice - A Sankofa Experiment

WES GALLAGHER, MDIV - Intergenerational Ministry for Children's Sake 

REV. ROBERTA EGLI & JOHANNA MYERS, PhD - Growing Faith in a Messy Church

3:15 (CDT) Break

3:30 (CDT) Affinity Group Meetings (Select a ministry group to join for discussion)

4:15 (CDT) Closing Mini-presentations  integrating conference insights

5:00 (CDT) Close

*access to ALL conference recordings available with $75 individual or $150 team member registration

Order Bridging Theory and Practice in Children's Spirituality, the book based on the 2018 Children's Spirituality Summit. (Also available through

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