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Online Learning Opportunity: Ministry in a Covid-Shaped World

We are delighted to share that Calvin Institute for Worship, under the umbrella of Calvin Seminary in Grand Rapids, MI, is offering an online course specifically for equipping leaders in Children, Family, and Intergenerational Ministries for ministry in the current context of the Covid-19 pandemic. Children's Spirituality Summit board member and Calvin professor of Discipleship and Faith Formation, Dr. Robert Keeley, will be instructing the course for three two-week intensives.

"We will focus on the latest research and writing in Children’s Ministry, as reported in the new book Bridging Theory and Practice in Children’s Spirituality. We’ll be reading the book together with discussions about what is included along with recorded conversations with a number of the authors about their chapters and their advice for moving forward in our new pandemic and post-pandemic reality." -Dr. Robert Keeley, instructor

The seminary notes "the course will feature a mix of on-line lectures, interviews with leading experts, discussions with fellow learners, and interactions with faculty. Each are offered asynchronously; you can engage with course materials when convenient for you. None have required prerequisites."

To find out more or register, visit Calvin Seminary's website here. Registration for a course audit is $104, and there is also an option to register for seminary credit.


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