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A Child's Way

Join us for the 2024 Children’s Spirituality Summit where we will dive deep and explore what a child’s way of being with God means.  Inspired by Rebecca Nye's definition of children's spirituality as "God's way of being with children, and children's way of being with God," we will delve into:  

  • A Child’s Way of Worshipping God·      

  • A Child’s Way in a Diverse World·      

  • A Child’s Way of Playing with God·      

  • A Child’s Way in Family 

Interested in attending and being part of this exploration?  We would love to have you join us as we bridge the gap between theory and practice.  Registration is now open! Find out more about our plenary session speakers HERE. 

"Jesus and the Children"

Artwork by Joel Schoon-Tanis. Used with permission.

All Rights Reserved. 

What We Do

Collaboration & Dialogue

One of the gifts of our in-person Children's Spirituality Summit gatherings is the opportunity to connect with leaders in adjacent fields,  learning from their experience and research, asking questions, and sharing your own contexts. We look forward to so many wonderful conversations in May! 

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